Historical Walking Tour 

Sunday 22nd April, 2018

RCB WALKING TOUR 2018[2]-1.png

Picturesque surroundings, brimming marine life and a name that reminds you it's lunch time. The history between its headlands could be described as one long Sydney picnic. But that would only be skimming the surface. 

For Chowder Bay has always harboured more than just a pretty view.
Beneath the still blue waters lies a stranger story. A tale of changing tides. A distant heritage that can still be explored.

From Borogegal fishing grounds to American whaling stations, and blasting brass bands to secretive submarine miners. We invite you to join a journey into its past and share a part in the stories that make it special.

Guests will be led on this tour by Journey Walks before enjoying a delicious 3 course lunch at Ripples Chowder Bay.